My Very First Blog Post

Hello, readers!

Wow it has been 7 years(I guess) since I last had a blog and I am about to start again. It is kinda like one of my 2018 resolutions; to have a blog, consistently writing about my experiences about basically anything. I know myself and I know this is going to be a challenge for me to express myself, in writing, throughout the year. But let’s do it anyway ey!

To start, let me give you a quick introduction of myself. I’m Farah and some may(or may not) know me as Frhstenberg. I have been going under the name since I was 15/16 years old. It was all started with MySpace where we used to generate and combine our real name with whatever we felt like and that was my last-Frhstenberg. Then I deleted my MySpace account and the name followed me through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogspot and Instagram.

I also have been going under the name “foodie”. So you know what kind of content to expect in my blog. In all seriousness, I enjoy food-street food, fancy food, fast food, you name it. If the food deserves an appreciation post, I will do it. Most of the time, they all do.

I think that’s enough for introduction ey? Anything else you wanna ask, feel free to ask on the comment section below.


Believe it or not, this is all started with a book planner. I was never good at keeping a diary, planner, organizer or whatever you called it. I always ended up thinking, I have a perfectly fitting device to be a planner where I carried everywhere, even in the toilet-my cellphone. One thing led to another, I was playing Fashion Empire or Episodes instead of supervising my life.

So this year, one of my resolutions is to keep a book planner and I want to write down my monthly goals, ways to achieve it, everything. One of this month’s goal is to discover what I want in my future self and do something about it. Well something triggered and the way to achieve it, is blogging. I was lost throughout 2017, a year after I unofficially graduated but I already couldn’t cope being not functioning to my fullest extent. I understand at my current age, it’s time to struggle in exploring myself and discovering my talents but I don’t think I can survive another year, wake up in the morning, go to work, do little, go back home, stay in at night tired for doing little, go to sleep and repeat.

It’s not like I want to do more either, I just want to do what I want to do.

This, of course, sounds a little too much for a graduate but do I have to wait until I past this stressing age range to be able to do the same?

So for the first quarter of 2018, it’s all about cleansing and refreshing.

Until then.

Yours truly.


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