#farahcooks : First Attempt at French Omelette


I finally got my domain YAS! Thanks to my personal creative web director 😛

Yesterday was basically the beginning (read:beninging, if you like meme) of this blog, with a year deadline. I was hoping to start with something simple but I ended up making something simple yet tricky.

I was browsing through youtube for French Omelette’s recipe. You got that right, French Omelette. I mean, I aced at making omelette so how tricky can a French Omelette be? Tricky. It surely tested my patience and I’m proud to say that after last night, the patience in my system got an upgrade by 25%.

Okay, continue.

The recipe was a combination of a French Omelette recipe by Chef John from Food Wishes and Jamie Oliver’s Folded Omelette.

The different between French Omelette and a regular Omelette is the texture of the egg. French Omelette texture is soft and silky compared to the regular egg. The key to perfecting this recipe is butter, lots of butter. And also, the heat. That was what testing my patience.

My first attempt was quite bad, because the texture was still like a regular omelette as you can see below. But it was nicely folded out of the pan.


My second one was much more like it but the folding was everywhere. Note that this was due to less butter when I took it out and the bottom of the omelette was sticking to the pan. I think the texture was better than my first attempt, it was smoother and only a few of golden spots.


I only had the time to make only two omelettes so, I guess I will come back with a hopefully perfect French Omelette soon. This time, no fillings, just a classic French Omelette.

Until then.

Yours truly.

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