#farahcooks : Ratatouille- The Classic Comfort Food

The weather lately has been so tempting for me to stay at home and call for a day-off for the next 4 years. With this kind of weather, I just wanted to stay cozy with my favorite knitwear and eat some comfort food while binge-watching Friends. Last Sunday, I was feeling French so I dragged my fiance to the nearest grocery store and did some shopping for the kitchen.

I was craving for the classic french comfort food-Ratatouille. This time I refer to Alex’s Simple Ratatouille from Jamie Oliver’s Family Food Tube and I can assure you, the video title doesn’t lie. The recipe and the process are as easy as it could get. The only thing is, this process takes some time it’s actually dreading. I still got my patience from my previous session in the kitchen, making a bloody French Omelette so I’m good.

I was already happy with the colorful veggies I got, they’re just so pretty.



After I finished awing the pretty veggies, I started properly chopped, wedged and seasoned the ingredient. Then, the most dreading part- stewing. I couldn’t stand still for the next 35 minutes so I decided to toast some whole grain bread with olive oil; to complement this baby in its tomato bath.


When the ratatouille was done and I opened the lid, at this point, I already felt like the kitchen was rustic and I was half-mediterranean. No kidding!



I was so happy I spent my time cooking this because it was so good I’m not lying. It tasted exactly like the classic ratatouille I had a while back at a French Restaurant at Faber Tower, Taman Desa- Le Deux Garcon.

Le Deux Garcon-Ratatouille.

So I spent the whole night with the family, eating the classic comfort food, under the sleepy weather.

Until then.

Yours truly.

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