#farahfoodquest : Cafe Cafe @ Jalan Maharajalela

My fiance surprised me again for our anniversary dinner at this treasure restaurant that we very much loved. And again, they still managed to astound me.

As always, this place got this 1960s vibe which makes me want to dress all Great-Gatsby. Elegant setting and interior albeit a little stuffy due to close table arrangements. But still, loving it! To those who haven’t gave it a try, Cafe Cafe offers a variety of french-inspired cuisine and it works.

For starters, Azim ordered the Truffled Prawn(again just because it was so good the last time he had it) and it tasted just as good as it did before. The combination of fried prawns, truffle cream, honey and crushed nuts was praised by him from the start of our dinner until the end. Which by the way, interrupted my moment with Cafe Cafe’s delicate Foie Gras. The texture was just right with an amount of apple compote and pears. However, the apple vinaigrette overpowered the dish a bit,  giving me an after taste.

*Apologize for the picture quality. It was dimmed!

Foie Gras

For mains, Azim had the Lamb Medallion. Being a classic combination, the honey lemon mustard dressing complemented the portioned medallion. He very much enjoyed the sauce and surprisingly finished his quinoa and lentils salad.

Lamb Medallion

Meanwhile, I had the Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin and it was perfectly cooked as per requested(I love when people get my steak right). The well-seasoned meat was tender and I just couldn’t get enough of their potato gratin; too good to be true. The wasabi dressing, on the other hand, was a bit much for me so I cleaned Azim’s dressing out of his plate instead (wife material lol).

Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin

To end, I had their Chocolate Cake and the center was heavenly molten. Taste wise, it was average but still good to have it once in a while.

At the same time, Azim had his all-time-fav, the Creme Brulee. And yes, he did the trick that the waiters had taught us during our previous visit. The waiter seemed to be proud of it and he should be because we do that trick EVERYWHERE for everytime we have our creme brulee. To those who have been here before, they must have learnt a new trick on how to eat your creme brulee right by the waiters. Curious? Go and see it for yourself.

Chocolate Cake

All and all, our visit at Cafe Cafe was amazing(again). Thanks for the decoration for our anniversary and thanks for the helpful waiters!


Til then.

Yours truly.


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