#farahcooks : I got my revenge!

Revenge is sweet!

To those who were with me since day one, or let’s not be dramatic and just say, since my first #farahcooks post, you would know that I didn’t manage to get my French Omelette quite right. And I haven’t sat still ever since. I was looking for the right time to get my revenge on that. In short, I was plotting.

Last night, I found my inner-chef screaming at me for not doing anything about it so I got up, got myself some eggs and whipped them away. I was determined to get it right this time and be patient graciously. Otherwise, I don’t think I could ever look myself in the mirror again for not making a perfect French Omelette.

Still following the same previous recipe by Chef John from Food Wishes, without skipping any steps at all, this time I managed to get my French Omelette’s texture as smooth as a baby’s bottom. No golden spot spotted, tons of butter, taste as good as ever, what else could I ever ask for?

I was so happy that I managed to make this until I forgot that I didn’t have any thing to eat it with. So I decided to make a toast instead, that should do it. I couldn’t care less because I got my dear revenge. I mean, look at how pretty my omelette is in that skillet?

Now I feel like if I can do this, there is nothing I cannot do.

Until then.

Yours truly.

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