#farahfoodquest : Fun Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? Nothing can go wrong with brunch. You’re half awake(sometimes), it is always pretty and tastes good! Very filling, too.

My top 3 go-to for brunch are The Breakfast Thieves @ APW, Ashley’s By Living Food @ Jalan Telawi and PH Pastry House @ Lakefields.

1) The Breakfast Thieves, Pulp by Papa Palheta @ APW.

Great spot for a good brunch. Even though they are just next to each other, I think the brunch at The Breakfast Thieves is better. The food really hit the spot! But if you are a sucker for a good coffee, Pulp is the place you’re looking for. I love both places and I will go to both everytime I’m in the area because hey, you gotta have both good coffee and good food when you’re up.

The other day I went to The Breakfast Thieves for their Gypsy King which is a cured salmon with poached eggs, some polenta cake and crisp veggies. No regrets! Azim, on the other hand, had The Legend which is a baked egg in a spicy tomato sauce. It’s basically the recipe for rustic baked eggs, they should have just named it Rustic though. Anyway, after a good brunch session, we went next door to Pulp for the cake and coffee! And yes, a compulsory selfie at the APW Stairs 😛

2) Ashley’s By Living Food @ Jalan Telawi.

Organic food are usually tasteless and that was exactly what I thought when I got here. But since the place is definitely insta-worthy, I just went with it and gave it a go.

It wasn’t until the moment my Posh Lamb Burger(yeap I had this for brunch don’t judge) made it appearance that I changed my perception about organic food. I was really hoping it tasted just as good as it looked. Surprisingly, it did and it doesn’t taste like anything shitty organic food that I used to have. Even Azim’s enjoying his sandwich so that should be a good thing. The red yeast buns for my burger were beautifully baked, the patty was properly seasoned and melted provolone cheese on top added richness into the flavor. I also love how they put the balsamic reduction to give it a good tangy and sweet flavor to complement the other elements. Oh and I couldn’t care much about Azim’s Beef Open Sandwich because I was so busy minding my own business there.

However, the waffles we had were average, nothing stands out of it.


3) PH Pastry House @ Lakefields.

I used to come to Lakefields for a good breakfast at Bites but as time went by, the food there just not as good as it used to be. That was the moment I tried PH Pastry House just right opposite. The place is quite spacious and such a good place to have a chill brunch. The brunch is good but my first thing to do when I go here is to pick up the pie. They have the best and cutest pie ever!

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