#farahfoodquest : Greyhound Cafe, MidValley.

Hello everyone!

It sure has been a while, I almost punch myself for neglecting this site again. I was having a quite busy week and I couldn’t find the time to do even a draft, so yes. However, during that handful week, I found another gem that serves food that hit the spot!

I was running office errands with a colleague and it was lunch time. We decided to look a bit here and there and found a nice cafe, Greyhound Cafe. I have ran by this place a few times, in MidValley and Ansa Hotel, but never got the chance to give it a try yet. I love the concept and the ambience of this cafe, it is actually quite similar to Acme Bar & Coffee. What I actually love most is the menu selections that they have. At first I thought they would serve the regular cafe food but I was half-right. They do serve the regular cafe food but improvised ones and they also have thai food which is a plus one for me. My colleague and I sure took our time in the world – browsing the menu. Everything just sounds so good and mouth-watering. That, my friend, is how you know it’s a good cafe.

After a while, I decided to try their Spaghetti with Corned Beef and Fresh Chilli while my collegue went with the Tomyum Noodle. They were using angel hair spaghetti and it looked like a portion for a 4 year old kid but boy, did I take back my words. It was very filling and the amount of corned beef they hid underneath that spaghetti was more than enough for a 25 year old like me.

We also ordered Choc Brownies with ice cream, to share. Dessert lovers will not regret coming over because the selection is plenty and again, everything looks tempting. It’s a shame I didn’t give their signature coconut crepe a try though but oh well, there is always next time.

Until then.

Yours truly.

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