#farahfoodquest : BRYCG @ Greenhouse By Muir

Hello everyone!

I’m back completing food quest and this time, it’s a gem located at Greenhouse by Muir. I have never been here before so I didn’t know they actually have a few restaurants in the Greenhouse itself. Upon entering, you can see a little bakery on the right and Mekar, florist shop, on the left. Azim and I were greeted by the attendant and we were asked where were we heading to. We were looking at each other and I was like how many restaurants were in this place.

Basically, Greenhouse By Muir accomodates two japanese restaurants-Kuroshio Market and Minu, Evendough Cafe and BRYCG. I think there’s another upper level but not quite sure what was the name of the eatery. I must say, the multiple concepts under one roof is a brilliant idea. It’s convenient for people like me, who always have a hard time deciding what to eat when I leave home and still have a few options upon reaching this building- trouble-free.

After deciding that we will have our lunch at BRYCG, we went upstairs and got seated right away. I had only been in there for two minutes and I already loving the New Orleans vibes screaming out from the decor.

Now, lets get to the food part. Shall we?

They have a variety of a carefully-thought food selection, ranging from Cajun & Creoles to barbecued meat. Azim and I decided to have Jalapeno Cheesy Beef Nachos for starters and a three meat platter, to share.

The Jalapeno Cheesy Beef Nachos was cheesy and the best one I’ve had, so far. This is mainly due to the generous amount of mozarella and ground beef they served on the plate. Also, I love how they put a bunch of greens on top to make the customers feel less guilty.

The three meat platter consists of smoked ribs, beef briskets and chickens. It also comes with two sides of your own choice and we went with mashed potato and yuca fries. All of the meat were bathe in southern gravy and made them bursting with flavor. The ribs were tender and fell of the bone as they should. Safe to say, this is my new favorite place to get my ribs now! The boldly flavored beef briskets were another pride for BRYCG. Why? Oh you better see it for yourself.

Until then.

Yours truly.

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