#farahfoodquest : Fancy Breakfast Club @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.

Last week, I was having an off-week so I craved a little too much. On Saturday morning, I kept bugging Azim to take me out for breakfast and he took forever to finish his Lucifer episodes on Netflix. So we had to go for brunch instead. To get even, I said no to every suggestions he made (mind you it’s hard for guys to suggest food places but I was being unappreciative due to his time-consuming Netflix series). After a while, I decided to head to one of our favourite place with ample eatery- Bangsar.

A while after dawdling in the car, we found a parking spot right in front of Fancy Breakfast Club. It was like a destiny and fate brought us there because A, I heard good reviews and I never got the chance to visit and B, I just don’t want to walk elsewhere. There is even a sign (literally) that leads the way!

It was 11am and the place was quite packed with early birds- or maybe I was the second mouse because it was already 11am. Anyway, the space itself have like four long tables and patrons have to seat next to each other which is suitable for reunions or gatherings. Private diners, this one is not for you.

Later on, we were seated in between two diners and facing each other and I had to bear with it for 15mins. Once I saw other four patrons left their table, I quickly asked the hostess whether it was possible for us to switch. Thank God we had only our drinks on the table so it wasn’t too troublesome.

Moving on to the main reason you’re reading, the food. We both ordered Breakfast On Board which I think is fun because you got to pick what you want to be served. Basically, you get to choose a minimum of five items on the list with each item priced at RM6. The meal comes with a complimentary chutney and hummus dip with slices of toasted baguette.

They sure gave us a lot of time to chit-chat because we waited for quite some time. When the food arrived, I was in awe. I mean, just look at how pretty my board was. They even garnished it with edible flowers. Taste-wise, everything on the board was good but what I love most from the list was my eggs. They were fluffy and evenly seasoned. I also enjoyed the beef bacon though a little more crisp could make it better. The complimentary dips and baguette had me at my first dip. They definitely enhanced the dish but I could eat them alone, no kidding!

Overall, it was a good first experience and I will come back to catch the rest on the menu. Bonus point, the space and food pics are definitely insta-worthy.

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