#farahfoodquest : Encore Patisserie Cafe @ Taman Desa.

Hi food lovers!

I really need to stop starting my blog with “it has been a while” by keep on updating it. Truth is, I got dragged to play this addictive game and it’s super time-consuming. Now, I finally have the time and got my willpower built up and started drafting again. Yay!

This little cafe I’m about to blog is called Encore and the foundry is located near the suburbs of Taman Desa. It is famous for its delectable desserts and pastries. I heard lots of good words about their mille feuille and you don’t here that everyday here in Malaysia. Not any cafe can serve a good mille feuille so that’s one of the reasons for me to go.

This was my view when I entered the place. Look at that selection of petite desserts. They were all dainty that I had trouble choosing. Funny thing was, I went to try the infamous mille feuille but I ended up with their Chocolate Truffle and Tiramisu. A little information, we had both desserts before meal. I know.

They didn’t try hard with the presentation but it didn’t really matter after our first bite. The Chocolate Truffle was so rich and dense. The four essence of Chocolate Truffle were all there; ganache, cake layers, fudge and powder. The Tiramisu was quite good and they sure were generous with the mascarpone cheese.

A few seconds after, our main meal arrived. I ordered one of my favourites, Fish & Chips and Azim went with the Baked Macaroni. If you know me well as a foodie, I will rate any English-vibes cafe based on their Fish & Chips. Fish & Chips is one of the early culinary fashion and if the respective cafe couldn’t get that right, how am I supposed to trust your other dishes? And Encore, did it well. The fish was moist under the crispy deep-fried batter, served with home-made tartar sauce. Tartar sauce was good but overpowered by mayonnaise a bit. Which is okay with me because I’m actually a fan of mayonnaise so-guilty as charged. Just a note to those who are not, squeeze an extra lemon on it.

Azim on the other side of the table, was indulging himself in Encore’s Baked Macaroni which I can’t say much about because he finished it way before me. This happened because of two reasons- A, it was tasty with mini elbow macaronis and B, the portion was small. Highly suggest for them to set half the price of the macaroni or double the portion, either way.

Overall, it was a good visit and I will come back to try the Mille Feuille. For real.

Side note, if you guys have any restaurants yout think I should do quick reviews about, let me know down below.

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