#farahfoodquest : Zest Restaurant, Marriott Putrajaya.

It’s May!

Although it is only the 16th of the month, but it already has been an eventful month for us Malaysians. I was out there voting and celebrating!

This time I would like to write a post about my favorite place for breakfast, Zest Restaurant at Marriott Putrajaya. I have to visit this place at least once a month for family breakfast.

The spread ranging from Asian to Western makes it convenient for all of us because mom will always go for Asian section and the others will go for all of the section there is in the area. You will find almost nothing to complain but a stomachache afterwards from binge eating(jk!).

Lets be real here. Just like any other buffet, not everything is served to perfection but I can assure you, you’d be happier to have your breakfast here at a reasonable price. They also love senior citizens oh so dearly, thus half-price rate for our parents. Yay!

Pancakes and waffles. What I love about these are the selection of their toppings that comes with it. They will make you go crazy because hello, we don’t have that much toppings to put on our pancakes and waffles at home. Basically, yeah you have to try it.

The eggs! You can have it any way you like it but I just love how they served their poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. Not only you can have it any way you like, you can also choose what you want to stuff it with-cheddar, parmesan, chicken ham, mushrooms, asparagus, you name it. Also a bonus for those who are eating clean, egg-white scramble and omelette are there for you.

One of my favorite, matching cold cuts with chutney. They also go well with some pickles! I usually will toss in some olives, relishes and capers.

I love bread but for this one, you don’t have to bother that much. However, croissants at Zest is a must! Perfectly how it should be- crispy, buttery, noisy and smells like home.

Last but not least, I always end my morning on a salty note, with cheese. However, there are more choices during dinner time but still, always on target.

No photos but you can go crazy with their fruit juice. They allow you to pick your own fruit combination and voila, your morning booster is ready for you.

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