#farahfoodquest : Alto Sky Lounge @ Hatten Hotel, Melaka.

Hello dearest.

It’s fasting month and I’m about to post several mouth-watering food pictures I previously had at Alto Sky Lounge at the top of Hatten Hotel in Melaka. Everyone who knows me know how fond I am with that favorite city of mine. Melaka has been one of my favorite place in the world because first, that was where I met my fiance and second, it always feels like home. I studied there for 3 years and I keep coming back every year ever since. I do not think I can ever move on from that place.

Anyway, Alto Sky Lounge is one of my must-go restaurants everytime I’m in Melaka. It is a decent place to have your romantic dinner and chill at the same time, apart from The River Grill at Casa Del Rio. Alto Sky Lounge is located on the 22nd floor of the hotel and it’s very fitting because you can have your romantic dinner indoor and go outside to the bar area for a bit of an after dinner drinks. The view is breathtaking and really helps you to take your mind off anything (read: busy life).



We went here almost every year be it to celebrate our anniversary, birthday or just feeling like making the most of some days. Kudos to this fine-dining eatery, the food gets better with time. They keep on refining their dish that, on my previous visit, I just had to send compliment to the chef. Yeap, that good.


Upon entering, we were seated at the table we reserved, right in front where the live band will be. It was our anniversary and we needed that ambience. We were served Smoked Chicken for amuse-bouche which was spectacular. A great start, indeed.

dsc0274-2 (1)(1)

We opted for Ala-Carte and I ordered the Angus Beef Medallion Charton. I’m a meat lover and I know how I want mine to be done. Super happy with the doneness and I love the fact they include foie gras butter cream on the plate which enhanced the beef flavor with something rich and succulent. They also made the classic pairing, with some asparagus to give out the nutty flavor it needed.


Azim had the Slow-braised Baby Wagyu Shank in Smoked Hickory and Saffron risotto. I didn’t have the chance to taste the risotto because it was gone first but the wagyu meat was tender.


As usual, we ended the night on a sweet note, with the Triple Chocolate Devil’s Cake in Chocolate Cage. We were both delighted with our desserts and plus, coffee on the side.

Just like the food improvement, the price, however, has also increased with time. Still, it was worthwhile.

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