#farahfoodquest : VCR, Bangsar

Goodbye June!

What an odd way to start a post but this June has turned me to a 25-year-old girl slash woman. So goodbye to you now 24-year-old baby. It is also the Eid season which means more Eid cuisine at open houses and less food hunting. Thus, this one-month-later post from me.

Anyway, after a few weeks of gorging myself with Eid food, I went out for a good brunch at VCR, Bangsar. I have heard some good words going around about the place but never really had the chance to go and see it for myself.

VCR is located in the infamous food heaven, Jalan Telawi. Just right next to Alexis which is easy to find. Once I stepped into the place, I could feel the serenity the place established in the minimalist decor.

Once seated, I went through the menu with growling tummy and ready to make it crammed. VCR serves an almost all-day brunch, starting from 9am-5pm and dinner starting from 6pm onwards. I got my eyes on the Granola at first because a bowl of granola is always pretty but then I remembered I was hungry. So I ordered Turkish Style Eggs instead. My company, my sister, went with Pennsylvania’s Soul or its classic name- chicken and waffle .

Here is the thing, at the time when I ordered my brunch, I didn’t really go through the description. I know what kind of a food lover doesn’t read the menu description. One glance and I thought it was somehow like Shakshouka. When the food came out I just realized it was a 63-degree eggs and a bunch of chickpeas were involved. I have got nothing against 63-degree eggs but just a personal preference, runny egg yolk is not my thing. Again, I know what kind of a food lover doesn’t like runny egg yolk but despite of how beautiful it visually is, I really don’t.

Anyway, I have got to taste the food somehow because I already paid for it and at least to get half of it in my stomach. An extraordinary event happened and I kind of liked it. Never in my life I can take more than two bites of anything involving runny egg yolks and chickpeas. It must have take one hell of a cook to turn someone’s dislikes to not-bad. The chickpeas and eggs were just chickpeas and eggs but the genius behind this is that, they put a few dollops of greek yoghurt in there. When mixed well, a turn of event happened. Kudos to VCR for that!

VCR’s chicken and waffle really hit the spot as well. Loving the potato waffle and the chrysanthemum syrup. They are sure quick to fill you up. The chicken were definitely crispy but some of them were a bit dry. Basil leaves gave the dish a bit of a punch with sweet popping pomegranate pearls.

All and all, it was a good first experience and I am sure to come back for a second visit. Click the following link to find more dishes served by VCR, Bangsar.

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