#farahfoodquest: Cozy Corner @ Ampang Point, KL.

What is a better way to celebrate my 7th year anniversary with my man rather than at a very nostalgic restaurant that serves good food since I was a kid? Nothing.

We were wandering in the National Art Gallery and tummy called for food that never fails. If you were a Malaysian and especially if you live in KL, you would know Cozy Corner has been around and made its mark since forever. Heck, even my parents went there for their date. They were previously located in Ampang Park but since the mall had been demolished, they have moved to Ampang Point. Thank God for that.

Even though it has been relocated, patrons can still catch that glimpse of nostalgia the old place used to offer.

Let’s talk food now and be real. I have been going there for a couple of reasons and for those reasons only.

First, I am a fan on their Sizzling Steak- now it goes by the name Cozy Tenderloin Steak Special. Mind you, I was a fan when it was RM30 and still is, now at RM60. They haven’t made any slight changes to the recipe and this is the exact meaning of, consistency is key. They served the steak together with grilled tomato and baked potato with a little Malaysian flag sticked into the steak. How cute is that? Steak- tender with the right doneness. Baked potato- soft and filling. Grilled tomato- great addition. Brown sauce- spot on!

Second, I come back for their buns. Hot buns. Basically, I will have a bun for appetizer and another one for dessert. Picture proof! Trust me, their buns are 200% far better than the ones you usually find in hotels. Soft and fluffy!

My fiancé loves their Sizzling Lamb. Beautifully cooked lamb chops served over sizzling black pepper sauce. Just like my mom, he also loves the variety of Asian cuisine the place offers.

Some of my other favourites are their Baked Seafood in a Shell, Danish Caviar Blinis and Fish Florentine.

Anyway, if you’re out there in KL and have never given this place a try, you definitely should. It is located on the Mezzanine Floor, Ampang Point. Shopping Center. Now, go!


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