#farahfoodquest : Ole-Ole Bali, IOI City Mall.

I know I know and to answer your question, I got the block and it’s mood ruining. Now that I kick those feelings away, I’m ready for another review.

It was a hectic day at work when I decided I need something good and filling for dinner- lets just assume I don’t do that almost everyday. After a “brainstorming” session with Mr. Fiancé, we planned to go to the nearest spot, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. We had tried almost every restaurant in there except for K-Fry which went viral for the last few months. We always plan on giving it a try but the queue is always two-shops long and this time, it was no different. Side note, everyone knows I hate queuing. I mean, don’t we all?

Right opposite of K-Fry is where a newly opened restaurant, Ole-Ole Bali, located. It reminds me of my previous visit to Bumbu Bali at Puchong but only when I saw the menu that it hits me, Bumbu Bali is one of their branch all along. All this while, I never knew they are related. Cries, because if I knew, I would give Ole-Ole Bali a visit everytime I bump into their outlet.

Ole-Ole Bali is a Balinese inspired restaurant with an ambience you will never forget. Their decor really brings out the Balinese style and makes you feel like you are actually in Indonesia, with gamelan playing at the background. It’s quite theaterical, I’d say.

Picture shows Azim’s practicing his #instahusband skills.

For drinks, I ordered a special Balinese coffee which comes in three flavors; Kelapa(Coconut), Kayu Manis (Cinnamon) and Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar). The waiter recommended Kelapa so that was what I went with. One of the best decision in my life, ever. I am actually in love with that coffee.

Azim had the Green Apple Splash which was pretty but nothing compared to my coffee. Too bad he doesn’t drink coffee.

Azim ordered Nasi Campur which is a combination of grilled prawn, squid, dory fish, beef rendang (you can choose whether you want chicken or beef for this one) and sate lilit. Sate lilit is a Balinese dish and it is basically a minced meat (at this restaurant, they are using fish) wrapping around a lemongrass stick. The dish is truly playing with our senses. It smells aromatic, looking beautiful, there are textures and full with flavours.

I opted for Iga Memanggang. It is a Balinese style beef ribs served with peanut sauce and to my surprise, it is quite cheap. The ribs, as it should be, were fall of the bone. And who knew, beef ribs and peanut sauce together could taste so good. Ole-Ole Bali sure did. Also, both of our dishes were served together with Nasi Kunyit (Turmeric Rice).

For dessert, we had the same dessert we ordered during our visit at Bumbu Bali just to confirm they are actually the same. Also, because it would be a great sweet ending for us both. We ordered Pisang Bakar which is caramelized banana served with vanilla ice cream and coconut candy. To confirm, we did end our dinner on a sweet note and I can’t wait to go back there again.

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