#farahfoodquest : Kay’s Steak & Lobster, Subang Jaya.

Hello lovelies!

I am two days late but still, I’d like to wish a very happy 61st Independence Day to all Malaysians!

Last month, a restaurant in Subang Jaya received a huge hype over their steaks and lobsters. Being a fan of meat, I was intrigued and put it in my to-do list. Kay’s Steak & Lobster is a rebranded restaurant, or so I have read, and previously known as Moon’s Kitchen. The current restaurant name is pretty much self-explanatory and straightforward.

I went over for lunch during the weekend and called for reservation first. Imagine, going all the way to Subang Jaya to a fullhouse. Even the thought of it stresses me out. Drama queen!

When we arrived, we were seated accordingly and I was already so ready to order. I had practiced in the car on what to order for appertizer and mains. Unfortunately, Roasted Bone Marrow was unavailable at that moment. Super upset because that was one of their signature dish. So Azim and I had the Baked Onion Soup for appertizer instead. The onion soup was exactly how it supposed to be, smooth textured, cheesy and messy. We also had their garlic bread for add-on.

For main course, we both had their grain-fed steaks- sirloin for me and ribeye for Azim. I loved Azim’s ribeye because the cut itself was already full-flavoured then added with the perfect doneness- medium rare. Exceptional taste with tenderness that I could just eat it for days. Definitely juicy!

However, mine was just okay. I guess I was out of luck because they cooked it medium-well instead of medium rare. Now, that made me quite upset and put me out of the mood. Yes, I know I could just send it right back but I was hungry and first impression counts! If only my sirloin were picked up 30 seconds earlier.

On a brighter note, all of their cuts are served with a generous amount of side dishes- mashed potato, corn and salad. You don’t have to worry about going home feeling hungry again. Mashed potato was served plain without gravy. I was not sure whether that was intentional because I ate it with the Au Poivre sauce, which was the sauce of my choice for my steak, and it went well together. The sweet corn was tasty and Azim seriously loved it to bits.

Then again, side dishes are just side dishes and I needed the main to be the star attraction. In this case, Azim’s ribeye was the star!

All and all, it was a nice experience. I love the steak (read: Azim’s) and I’d give it 7 out of 10! Also,we made a new friend at the restaurant. He was also very picky and loved Azim’s ribeye more than my sirloin. No kidding!

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