#farahfoodquest : Savini Ristorante Italiano @ The Intermark.

Hello lovelies!

It’s October which means only one thing- Halloweeeeen! I am a fan of halloween because A, halloween candies and chocolates are the cutest and B for the costume party. It’s not like I’m going anywhere this year but still, I love seeing my instagram feed with cute and freaky outfits.

Anyway, lets talk food now.

So I went to Savini, one of the infamous Italian restaurant in town, located at The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak. Entering the place, you will be welcomed with an elegant and classy restaurant setting. Just like Alto Sky Lounge, Savini also offers a separate cigar and bar lounge for patrons comfort.

Without wasting any more time, Azim and I were browsing through the menu looking for something to gorge. Azim opted for an Italian dish and said something I used to say; what’s the point of you going to an Italian restaurant and have something else? Sigh, I take full responsibility on this one. Anyway, he ordered a Beef Lasagna and I chose to settle with Angus Beef. Note that for the meat, you can choose your portion size according to the meat weight selection.

I was awestruck when my Angus Beef arrived. I mean, my plate was really a work of art! My beef medallion was perfectly cooked- medium rare and served with velvety mashed potato. The beef when paired with their truffle sauce was lip smacking.

Apologize for not having the picture of their lasagna but Azim went straight into it right after it was served. For the record, the lasagna was meaty and cheesy, just how it should be.

To end the night with a sweet note, I had the Savini Chocolate Cake with Lavender Gelato. The chocolate cake was average but I was loving the lavender gelato. It gave the right earthy flavour to it.

Azim’s dessert was the star, I kid you not! He had the Creme Brulee with a Raspberry Sorbet. First off, a thin brownie base is a genius move. It gave a taste and texture sensation to it. Second, raspberry sorbet added a great sweet-tart flavour to the combo.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I really hope I’ll go back- with a more refined palate of course- and get another taste of their dishes.

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