#farahfoodquest : VCR, Bangsar (Part 2), Meet Joe, formerly known as OJO Coffee, Bangsar.

Another day at the food haven, Bangsar.

I know I have previously made a post on VCR but I think it deserves a sequel just because. The food are just, lets just say, fit for a king. Again, I went for a good brunch but this time I brought along my man. He has been wanting to go for a visit since my previous VCR post.

It was around 10am when we arrived and the place was three quarter filled. There were only three small empty tables left- which can only fit two for each. Forget to mention, VCR is a self-service caff and since there were only those tables left- and with people keep coming in from the entrance, I had to bustle to the counter to browse and order in 10 seconds and went back to reserve a spot. It was like a marathon! However, I don’t think that usually happened. Previously, I was seated first then the attendant will get us the menu. So, you know, we can have the time of our life browsing the menu. I think it was just the peak hour and everyone was all wrapped up. No biggie.

Here comes the food talk!

Azim went for VCR Big Breakfast which I think is their signature. The Big Breakfast is literally, big. It’s like a bundle of happiness served on a plate just for you. Lets face it, we all know what should be served on a plate of a big breakfast and how it is going to taste. Yet, VCR manages to make their meal distinctive by guaranteeing the taste of each dish will be spot on- even the eggs. I kid you not! So, what he had were scrambled egg served on top of sourdough toast, mixed salad which Azim finished eating them all up- and he doesn’t like veggies, chicken chipolatas which I loved because who doesn’t love a nicely cooked sausages, grilled tomato, tender and comforting mushroom fricassee, flavorful beef bacon was added on because Azim was being greedy, turkey ham which you can still taste it in your mouth even if you go to the moon and back and home made stewed beans. His plate was literally squeaky clean after 15 minutes. If that doesn’t define a good big breakfast, I don’t know what is.

Me, on the other hand, was being experimental and ordered Scandinavian Breakfast. For 10 seconds, I just looked at one thing I felt like having, gravadlax- lets just say cured salmon for my convenience.

Not related but don’t you think gravadlax sounds like another airport terminal for you?

Anyway, I ordered the cured salmon which comes with dishes that names I couldn’t pronounce but I can tell you this; it was one of the most refreshing breakfast I ever had. The combination is very new to me and refreshing. The cured salmon were fresh and it paired well with capers. It gave out this nice sharp flavor to it. Ugh, I’m drooling. It also comes with Skagen, which is somewhat like prawn cocktail but more refreshing and tangy, topped with Ikura, which is salmon roe. Real nice texture! Another dish was Ni-Tamago or lava egg. As usual, I leave anything related to runny egg yolk to Azim. Not to forget, dill-flavored pickled cucumber and rye toasts to eat everything with. I love how everything complements each other- though I’m fine without the lava eggs. I really did love my breakfast it was just so refreshing and clean. One more of the word refreshing and I will go scrub my mouth but it’s true!

I will definitely come again to experiment more.

After we finished our meal and took all the photos we (or I!) needed, we decided it’s time to leave and give other incoming patrons our seat. We were on our way back to the car when I saw a pretty pavlova on a cake display at Meet Joe. I had to stop and stare for a few seconds. Azim, being a good man he is and knowing how to make me extra happy, asked me to sit and he went to the counter to get me the pavlova.

Meet Joe, formerly known as OJO Coffee, is located a few shops away from VCR, Bangsar and I love the cosy and wood-themed concept it offers with a quiet ambience. Also, you can get a very instagram-worthy pictures!

Anyway, Azim came back with the pavlova and, this is his words, a surprise. The surprise were chocolate truffles from Cocoraw! I literally did smile from ear to ear.

So the pavlova was okay. I like the fact that it isn’t too sweet but the meringue was quite hard. I felt like I was eating Eton Mess rather than pavlova. I also love that they put in pomegranate seeds together with the berries.

Those chocolate truffles were amazing. Azim ordered two flavors for us; Salted Gula Melaka and Raw 70. I love them both but Raw 70 has this intense bittersweet flavor which I have extra loves for. I really wish I did pair them up with a cup of coffee. Oh well, next time.

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