#farahfoodquest : Macaroni Food & Coffee @ Taman Desa.

Hello hello!

My website is two months away from reaching a one-year anniversary and I couldn’t be more happier. This blog is a part of my life and I have learned so much since it started. This time, a year ago, I was so lost and didn’t know where I was heading. Now, I’m happy to say that I have got my direction and ready to pave it.

Okay, lets start!

If you’re familiar with the revamped building in Taman Desa, Faber Tower, you would know there are a few good restaurants located in it- Macaroni Food & Coffee is one of them.

I have been there a few times since I worked in the building but I think it’s time I put it in my blog because people deserve to know good food (at least, the ones I had *wink*).

Macaroni is located at the ground floor right at the middle entrance. Even if it does not located at the entrance, you would still find it amyway because it is the only restaurant with a retro and vintage interior. How retro? I won’t tell you but there’s vespa and canned lightings. To those who love a good selfie, there’s a photo spot for you guys as well. Also, I think comic lovers will love this- there are hanging photos of Marvel and DC for you to take photos too!

Food talk!

Macaroni serves a wide range of food selection from brunch to dinner. Obviously from the name of the restaurant, it serves variety of Italian dishes and at that time, I had been craving for spaghetti for two days. Honestly, I am not a fan of spaghetti and only good spaghetti will do it for me. Otherwise, I will be cranky as hell. So I tried my luck at Macaroni and yes, they managed to get on my good side.

I ordered a Trio Platter which I thought I could finish. The Trio Platter consists of Macaroni Pesto Cream topped with Parsley and Grana Padano, Prawn Aglio Olio and Fettucine Mushroom Alfredo.

The Macaroni Pesto Cream is a dream for pesto aficionado. It tasted very green and herby. Mildly creamy from the Grana Padano cheese giving it a vibrant contrast.

The Prawn Aglio Olio is one of the simplest yet easy to mess it up and I must say, they did not. One bite and you would know it’s an Aglio Olio. The prawns were meaty and fresh. No complaint!

Fettucine Mushroom Alfredo was the star between all three. At first I thought there was not enough sauce but I thought wrong. It was one of the creamiest alfredo I have ever had and I just love it. It was like eating fettucine in a pool of cream though it did not look like it. I really need to stop judge a book by its cover.

Azim also had the alfredo; Spaghetti Chicken Mushroom Alfredo which he also finished- in 5 minutes.

The Deep Fried Onion Rings was ordered for appertizer but we never finished until dessert. We had to pack it home because I love Onion Rings and theirs are too good to leave even two of them there. Also, did you see the size of it? I mean, come on.

The Onion Rings are served with three type of dippings- thousand island, tartar sauce and honey mayo. Being a fan of Fish & Chips, of course I’ll prefer the tartar sauce over anything else.

Previously when I was here, we had their signature which were the Baked Mac & Cheese with Seafood and Salmon Mac & Cheese. Insanely cheesy in a way that I like it. However, for the Baked Mac & Cheese, I wish they let it stayed a little bit longer in the oven because it was very lightly baked. Maybe it was just my luck but still.

All and all, Macaroni would still be one of the restaurants I’d go to for a quick Italian fix.

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