#farahfoodquest : Miyagi Japanese Restaurant, Bandar Baru Bangi.

Happy 2019 lovelies!

After a two-month hiatus, it feels great to be back- writing. I have been occupied with wedding preparation. Nevertheless, I still got the time to visit some new restaurants nearby.

Before I start, don’t forget to wish my website a very happy first anniversary! I can not believe it has been a year since I got involved with (food)writing and still, loving it.

The hidden gem that I am about to write is famous for its authentic Japanese cuisine, Miyagi Restaurant. The restaurant is located in Bandar Baru Bangi and I assumed because of its location, it is underappreciated. It deserves more spotlights of its own. Their extensive menu comprises of dishes from freshly made Sashimi to abundant Teishoku. Normally, Authentic Japanese restaurants cost a pretty penny but here, the price is reasonable. All and all, I would sum it up as good quality food, great ambiance, albeit the place is a tad small, and attentive servers.


This was my first time and I had no idea how the portion would be. Plus, I did not even do my research or read any review beforehand. Azim and I opted for Teishoku dining- I ordered Sashimi To Tempura Tei and Azim went for Tori Teriyaki Set. I could guarantee that you will never leave this place with an empty tummy because they are super generous with their food portion- I could not even finish mine because I was so full from my bountiful Teishoku.



My Sashimi To Tempura Tei (RM35) was huge- the set includes Sashimi, and Tempura served with rice, miso soup, Chawan Mushi, pickled radish, an appertizer and fruits. As you can see from the picture above, their Sashimi were cut at a proper thickness and they tasted just like it should- clean like the ocean.

The Prawn and Vegetables Tempura that it came with were crispy and the batter was as light as air.

Now, onto my favourite- Chawan Mushi. Their Chawan Mushi reminded me of my previous visit at Koyaku Japanese Dining & Grill at Taman Desa. It is so hard to get a nice Chawan Mushi in town but this one will be my go-to spot if I ever crave for a nice and warm Chawan Mushi.

Azim, as usual, went for anything chicken. Their Tori Teriyaki Set (RM25) comes with rice, miso soup, Chawan Mushi, an appertizer and fruits. Azim complimented the Tori Teriyaki but he said it could use a bit more sweet soy sauce so he improvised on his own. (Read: What have I done to the innocent man? JK)

On a serious note, it was definitely a good experience for me and I will be coming back especially for the Chawan Mushi.

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