#farahfoodquest : Baan Kanom Jeen @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

Looking at Thai food enthusiasts- I have found a hidden gem located in Putrajaya. Baan Kanom Jeen had previously made its mark in Empire Damansara and now, they are venturing into a new area.

Baan Kanom Jeen is famous for its signature dish- Kanom Jeen, which is fairly self-explanatory. This restaurant serves an array of unusual Thai food and by “unusual”, I mean they do not serve the everyday-Thai-nosh we often found in Thai restaurants here in Malaysia. For a person who never stepped a foot in Thailand, I had no idea what Kanom Jeen is. Thanks to this eatery, now I can experience a little bit of Thailand 10-minutes away from home. This restaurant could actually give a wider recognition on this traditional Thai recipe especially to those who are unfamiliar with Thai delicacies.

Kanom Jeen or Khanom Chin is somewhat like our local laksa but with rice vermicelli instead of glass noodles. Kanom Jeen single set (RM12.90) consists Kanom Jeen, boiled egg, anchovies, fried chicken skin with some vegetables and green herbs on the side. You can choose one gravy from a selection of four; Chicken Green Curry, Namphrik, Namya and Chicken Yellow Namya. I opted for the sapid Chicken Yellow Namya without knowing that it would be super spicy. This fiery gravy even got me all teared up.

They also have Kanom Jeen Large Set (RM45.90) which can feed a group. It comes with a larger serving and all four of those abovementioned gravies. If it is still insufficient, there is a list of add-ons for you to pick out from.

Another one of their specialties that is worth remembering is the fluffy egg. Green Bachelor’s Rice (RM12.90) or as the locals would call it, nasi bujang, consists of jasmine rice, green chicken curry and their infamous fluffy egg. I will just leave a photo down below to prove the point.

After a couple of sharp intake of breath, I washed everything down with their playful signature double-flavoured drinks- Thai Iced Dirty Tea and Thai Iced Muddy Tea (RM9 each). My personal favourite would be the former one which is a combination of Thai Tea and Coffee. Nevertheless, I would not mind another sip of the latter- a mix of Thai Tea and Thai Green Tea. Oddly tasty.

Plus point for their Hot Cha Nom (RM8) because what’s teh without tarik? Very Malaysian *giggles*.

Surely, there will be a next time and I can not wait to devour almost everything on the menu. On my next visit, I determine to gorge on their Sangkaya Bread with their specially made dips – Thai Tea, Green Tea and Pink Milk dip.

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