#farahfoodquest : The Stolen Cup @ Jonker Street, Melaka.

Hello lovelies.

Apologize for the long hiatus because guess what – this food blogger was busy getting married! I guess, a two-months break was overly sufficient but hey, I got lots of treasures for you foodies. I went to Melaka the other day- you already know how fond I am with that favorite city of mine- and there are a bunch of new cafes and restaurants in the area that I can not wait to share with you guys.

The Stolen Cup is located along the heart of Melaka- Jonker Street. Famous for their coffee and brunch, I went there with an average amount of expectations. This open-concept cafe turned out pretty good that I had to visit it again for the second time, in two days.

On our first visit, Azim and I went there for brunch. Azim ordered TSC Big Breakfast with their Signature Gula Melaka Latte and I went for their Granola with Americano.

TSC Big Breakfast is well, big. It serves with breakfast sausages, sauteed mushrooms, some beef bacons, creme fraiche scrambled egg, baked beans and a sourdough bread. I would have to say that their sauteed mushroom was definitely a killer. Beef bacons were crispy, the eggs were creamy and sausages were being sausages. However, baked beans were mediocre.

Just a quick baked beans tips to those who do not like the scoop-out-of-the-can-and-reheat baked beans, do your tummy a 5-mins favor- chop some cloves of garlic, throw them in a hot pan with some olive oil in it, then put in those baked beans. I promise you, it will taste ten times better.

I opted for Granola just because. It is a baked homemade granola with honey glazed nuts and chia seeds with fruits, greek yogurt and an earl grey infused milk. Everything was good then gradually, the taste started to build up as I poured in the infused milk. One word- genius!

I was pretty much enjoying my Americano. On the other hand, Azim’s Signature Gula Melaka Latte could do another teaspoon of Gula Melaka then it is good to go.

During my first visit, I was eyeing their Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese or Scrambled Egg which led to my second visit the next morning.

I had their Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Egg. For this dish, you get to choose either cream cheese or scrambled egg to eat your salmon with. You can also pick your base; sourdough bread or croissant. I would obviously pick croissant over any thing, any day.

The dish consists of pink smoked salmon slices paired together with creamy scrambled eggs and capers- giving it the right salty flavor and to add, a bunch of crunchy fresh wild rockets were bundled on top of the croissant for that nutty taste.

Hands down, one of the best I have ever had.

Another one for the book is Black Truffle Fettucine. The main star was of course, the truffle. As simple and elegant as it could get. If I were to be a meal, I think this would be it. I would settle for being Black Truffle Fettucine for the rest of my life. Perfectly cooked fettucine in parmigiano-reggiano cheese with the right amount of black truffle- I mean, you can never have too many truffles, can you?

To finish, I washed everything down with Americano(again) while Azim had their Iced Chocolate. Though, he only drank half of it because “someone” took the other half. It was not my fault because the Iced Chocolate was rich and indulging. Their secret is they are using 54.5% Callebaut Belgium Dark Chocolate which is now I urge everyone to buy.

Thank me later.

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