#farahfoodquest : The Daily Fix @ Jonker Street, Melaka.

Another infamous, though the place is a pretty hidden, little cafe located in Jonker Street- The Daily Fix. Famous for their Signature Salted Gula Melaka Coffee and variety of unique pancakes, they are rated #6, by Tripadvisor, out of a thousand plus restaurants in Melaka.

As I mentioned, the place is a little hidden because it is located behind a souvenir shop so keep your eyes on for a shop called Next KK Sdn Bhd. Even if you did not manage to look around for the said shop, worry not because A- they also put up a small welcome board in front of the souvenir shop and B- its Grab pick-up point so it is all good.

As you walk through the souvenir shop, you will be welcomed by a vintage themed cafe and if you are lucky, you would not have to wait for long.

When I saw their signature drink written on the board, of course I had to try it. Once I gulped their Signature Salted Gula Melaka Coffee only then I knew why people were raving about them. In my personal opinion, I would go for The Daily Fix’s Salted Gula Melaka than The Stolen Cup’s. Even if someone were to blindfold me and asked me to drink it, I’d recognize it straightaway.

There are plenty of unique pancakes to choose from and being a coffee junkie, of course I had to order their Espresso Pancake. Azim, obviously, went for Durian Pancake. Both are included in their best-sellers list so I had my expectations.

The Espresso Pancake is stacked mini yet quite thick pancakes serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a double-shot espresso. Also, some ground walnuts to add some texture. It is basically affogato poured all over a stack of pancakes.

I love how the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream and the bitterness of the espresso combined; added with fluffy pancakes. I enjoyed it, at least for the first 5 minutes because I poured the whole espresso onto the pancakes and made it soggy after the next 5. Lesson learnt!


Azim’s Durian Pancake was definitely to-die for. It took us a while but it was so worth it. The pancakes were stuffed with durian and when you slice through it, you can see the durian stuffing oozing out and making its way to touch the plate. It was such a beautiful view.

2019-04-02 09.31.01 1.jpg

Since my first visit was to my liking, I decided to go for a second visit but this time, to fill up my tummy during dinner time.

My eyes were caught on their Spicy Tomato Pasta because; A- I love spicy food and B- I have never had spicy tomato sauce before. It was one of the spiciest pasta I have ever tasted and delicious, too.

Azim opted for their Creamy Carbonara which, at the end, I took over to finish. The spaghetti is served with mushrooms, chicken ham,crunchy smoked duck and topped with poached egg. It was an indulgent and tantalizing meal.

Since we were greedy, we ordered truffle fries on the side. The truffle scent lingered around even after we finished. They must have been generous with the truffle oil. The fries were rich with earthy flavor which makes me want to go back there now and order another three of this.

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